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Teatro San Gallo opening

ImageThe 10th of july opens the San Gallo theatre with Carnival - The Show, an amazing show celebrating the story of Venice, including authentic Venetian Food and Regional Wines created by one of Italy's most celebrated master chefs...

Carnival The Show will be staged at the San Gallo theatre, which for many Venetians is still the “ex Cinema Olimpia” of Campo San Gallo, near Saint Mark's square. The building has been restored to bring the structure to a world-class level of the new entertainment and communication needs.

The concept of “Carnival The Show” aims to satisfy the strong desire of the tourists visiting Venice to know its long, rich and varied history… a history that we often think everybody knows, though such is not the case. The majority of visitors do not know the great accomplishments of Venice, nor the history of the Maritime Republic, nor do they connect it to the fall of the Byzantine Empire…

Live performers combine with spectacular moving projections and breathtaking surround-sound to bring to life the fascinating and amusing events of the City's glorious past and the most famous personalities associated with Venice: Marco Polo, Casanova, Vivaldi, Lord Byron and the colourful Carnival party atmosphere of Harlequin, Punch and Columbine...

The event also allows the public to discover how food could be an instrument of cultural communication: the Venetian cichéti are a reality whose fascinating origins are important to know.
That's why the show includes a food experience which embraces a broad period of the Venetian history: a modern twist on traditional Venetian street food from the past 500 years, created by one of Italy's most celebrated chefs, Alessandro Circiello.

The media - newspapers, radio and TV - love to interview him for his knowledge and well-known clarity. He is the Chef of the television program "Vivere Meglio where he is responsible for a feature on cuisine. Moreover, Alessandro is the Chef and culinary consultant for the program "Mattina in famiglia" on Rai Due Sunday.

We think that Italy’s national newspaper, La Repubblica, summed up the philosophy and cooking style of our Alessandro when they wrote: ”His cooking is the result of a fine balance between the tradition and the new gastronomic concept, that leads to making dishes lighter. This result in a revisited creative regional cuisine, which allows for new preparations combined with the products of various origins, always respecting the fundamental rules of cooking ethics: subtlety and lightness of content.”

The story of the show

It is 1913, the First World War is approaching... it is the last year in which the Carnival will be staged. In a well-known atelier, a family of artisans is preparing the costumes for the last of the great masquerades of the  Carnival. It will be a prelude to the end of an epoch. Their client is the Marquise Luisa Casati, famous for her extravagant lifestyle, for the exotic animals and also for her costumes, so risqué that Gabriele D’Annunzio, a very famous poet and writer, once said of her… “She wears more perfume than clothes!”

As they handle costumes collected over the centuries, the exceptional projections, the costumes, the actors, the music and the recreated atmosphere and setting, will re-live the story of Venice:  islands of refuge in a salty lagoon, the theft of Saint Mark’s body, the grandeur of the Mercantile Empire, the triumph of the Battle of Lepanto, the birth of the Carnival, Casanova’s daredevil escape, the city of masks the city of masks, gambling, women and amorous liaisons...

A swirling, sensory, all-enveloping experience that will take the spectators to the magic atmosphere of Venice...

The Tradition of Carnival and Masks

Carnival celebrations in Venice date back as far as 1162. Leading up to the time of Lent all rich foods, such as eggs and meat, needed to be disposed of. What better excuse than to have a celebration feast to use it all up! And so was born the tradition of ‘Carn-ivale’ - the literal translation: ‘Carni’ – Meat; ‘Vale’ – Farewell..

The show is set just before the ravages of two world-wars, fascism, and the onset of mass-tourism turn Carnival into a pale reflection of this glorious 900-year-old tradition. A tradition that has literally shaped the very face and character of the City itself.

In the usually conservative society of Venice, Carnival was an excuse to break-free of these stifling constraints. The mask, that has become the icon of Carnival, was used to preserve anonymity and provide a perfect excuse to behave with abandon...

In fact, the mask was such a potent a symbol of free-license that it was strictly forbidden to wear it outside of Carnival-time. So serious an offence was it that the penalty was: for men, 2 years in prison, and 18 months rowing in the galleys; and for women - to be whipped from San Marco to the Rialto, and banishment for 4 years.

Masks were also a great leveler: they permitted nobility to mix freely with commoners; for people to discover what was being said about them; and opportunities for the inhibited to emerge from their shells. It also afforded perfect cover for spies to do their masters’ bidding, providing fertile ground for plotting and conspiracies to blossom …

Carnival has inspired countless generations of artists and writers and has drawn towering figures from History to this great city. Its spirit lives on – to this day Carnival is still a time of riotous excess, frivolity and fun..."

Useful information:

Teatro San Gallo
San Marco 1098
Campo San Gallo (near San Marco square)
30124 Venice

+39 041 2411943
+39 339 6957869

Show Dates and Times:

Until July 27

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: At 7.30 p.m. Dinner followed by the Show

Saturday: At 9.00 p.m. Dinner followed by the Show


79 € 
(dinner & show) 
From 10 to 12 july special Preview price:  30 €  (dinner & show) 

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