It’s in May, on the Ascension day, (Sensa in venetian) to commemorate two Venician historical victories.

The first was in 1000 when Pietro Orseolo II the Doge fought to defence
Dalmazia against the Croatia and Narentani and he won.
The second victory is in 1777, when Sebastiano Zani Doge wellcomed
Alessandro III Pope and Federico Barbarossa in San Marco for making peace
The Pope confirmed Venecian dominion on the sea with the famous annual
For this reason every year the Doge (today the mayor) on Bucintoro boat goes to
Sant Elena Island in Castle place, where the Bishop blesses him. Doge, when he
arrives at the Porto’s entrance, he throws a golden ring in the sea.

In previous centuries this holiday held an important role in the social
and political life of Venice, which resulted in one of the most important
and sumptuous celebrations, interweaving the legend, myth and history
of the city. If, historically speaking, the Sensa is the result of an overlapping
of civil and religious rites and events through the ages, today we
prefer to give it the meaning of festivity of the Sea and therefore
of a festivity of a city which draws its raison d'être from
its relationship with the sea.

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