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Guggenheim a Palazzo Venier With the original designs of Pietro Tinelli, called Uccio, and the sculptures of Germaine Richier, in autumn the Peggy Guggenheim Collection will host two consecutive retrospective monographic events of special importance.
From the 4th until the 15th of October will be displayed, in the five temporary rooms of the Collection, the greatly enlarged works of SuperUccio, a little artist who died at only six years of age. In the five display areas there are an equal number of imaginary worlds: space, sea, nature, colour, the abstract world.

From the 28th of October until the 5th of February 2007, there will be the first anthological exhibition dedicated by Italy to the great French vanguard sculptress Germaine Richier, who was active in the period following the Second World War.

by Massimiliano Zane
:venews october 2005
Tr. Maria Fasolo
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