The Accademia Bridge is one of the four bridges linking the two banks of the Grand Canal, together with Rialto Bridge, Ponte Degli Scalzi and Calatrava Bridge (Costitution Bridge).

The Accademia Bridge is located just in front of the Accademia Galleries and is the first one you meet on the Grand Canal from Saint Mark’s Square.

Originally made of iron, it was opened on 20 November 1854.

Following the deterioration of the bridge, it was announced a contest for the building of a new stone bridge. In the meantime, under the project of the engineer Eugenio Miozzi (1889-1979) a wooden bridge was built, which was supposed to be temporary and it was reopened on 5 January 1933.

The winner project (by Torres e Briazza) has never been built.

Following interventions added some steel elements to the previous work.

The bridge has just one wooden arch 48 meters length.


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