As we have already mentioned, the Lido of Venice is the ideal island for those visiting Venice who wish to take a relaxing and rejuvenating break from the chaotic and crowded atmosphere, especially during the summer months.


The Lido of Venice is a long island which has the function of natural barrier between the Lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. It is a little island just a few minutes away from Venice city center.

Sant’Erasmo is an island with a very long tradition for agriculture and fishing. This island marked the border between the lagoon and the sea till the end of the XIX Century, when the breakwater were built changing the shape of the waterfront completely.

We start our itinerary rom the northern lagoon of Venice to discover two islands not far from the historical city center, called respectively the island of the deads and the island of fires, which are the island of San Michele and Murano, the island of the furnaces.

This excursion is interesting not only by the landscape point of view but also by the ethnographic and cultural ones, since it will lead you to the historic, artistic and popular heart of the northern lagoon that reveals itself in multiple and contradictory aspects of its current reality. A suggestive experience, to live for one whole day, without hurrying but with your soul ready to discovery and astonishment by the given beauty of nature and traces of history that used to be a theatre for this part of the lagoon.

This itinerary between sea and lagoon, between history and environment, to be done by bicycle along the narrow strip of sand of the coast that separates Venice and its lagoon from the Adriatic sea, from velvet beaches to liberty-style villas of Lido, from fishermen villages in Pellestrina and in San Pietro in Volta until naturalistic oasis of Ca’ Roman, last stage before meeting Chioggia and its lagoon.