Also known as “Fava”, the church has an elegant 18th century interior with a rum oval plan, in which many rococo masterpieces can be seen, such as L’educazione della Vergine by Tiepolo.


According to the tradition, the toponym "Fava" comes from an ancient bakery famous for the pastry "Fava dei morti" ( fava bean of dead people), tipycal of the 2nd November. Actually the name is more likely to come from the name of a family who lived in the neighborhoods. A primordial church was built in 1496 to host a picture of the Virgin Mary with the Child. It was than rebuilt when the building was transfered to the management of St. Filippo neri in 1662. The work begann at the beginning of the XVIII century under the project of Antonio Gaspari. According to his project inspired to the roman style, the church should have had an oval map and a cupola. Unfortunately, his project was not apreciated and he accepted the compromise to have a central map with blunted edges. The interior was later restorated by Giorgio Massari, who built the presbytery and the covering.



Useful information
Address: Castello, Campo della Fava cap 30125 - Venezia

Opening times: from Monday to Saturday 9.30-11.30 / 16.30-19.00; Sunday 16.30-19.00

Price: free entrance

Phone: +39 041 5224601

How to get there: Ferry boat stop "Rialto"

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