The Church of Zitelle dates to 1581-1588. According to some sources, the original design of the church is to be attributed to Andrea Palladio and even with lack of documental proof, this attribution could be stylistically validate.

The Church of Zitelle is part of a former religious complex crated by Benedetto Palmi, to give shelter to young and poor maidens ("zitelle" in Italian). Even if the acquisition of the building area dates back to 1561, the works begun after Palladio’s death: the foundation stone was laid in 1581 and the church was consecrated in 1588. Actually, we already have documentation of building material purchases in 1575-1576. The former project was probably of a central plan votive temple, but it was then changed due to the lack of means and to the need of a church inside the house of Zitelle, founded in 1561 by some Venetian noblewomen to give shelter to young maidens who were introduced to prostitution for their beauty.

Useful information:

Address: Fondamenta delle Zitelle, 33 Giudecca cap 30133 -Venezia

Opening time: Visit with prior booking

Telefon: +39 041 3039211
Fax: +390041 3039299

How to get there: Fermata del vaporetto "Zitelle"

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