As per every respectful party during Venice Carnival there have to be typical sweets and delicacy of Venice tradition such as frittelle and galani

 In Venice during Carnival celebrations, you can find these party’s typical sweets everywhere, in pastry shops and bakeries: frittelle and galani are the symbols of Canival itself, Venetian culinary specialty, delicious and simple to make.
Tasting these typical Venetian desserts it’s a must during Carnival, maybe with a hot coffee or chocolate to warm the cold February evenings, or a fresh and sparkling prosecco, a Venetian wine perfect for an appetizer or even with desserts.



In Venice la “fritola” was almost considered a national sweet during the Serenissima Republic. The “fritoleri” made them and sold them as well.

In a terrine, stir in flour, milk, eggs, sugar and a pinch of salt, some brewer’s yeast, sultana grapes, lemon and some grated apples. Once the dough is soft, leave it in a warm place.
In a saucepan with oil, fry the pancakes. After having drained them, dust them with powdered sugar.




Stir in eggs, flour, sugar and butter, some drops of anise and a pinch of salt. Chill for a while and roll the dough with a rolling pin.

Cut the dough into diamonds shape, making some holes in the center to facilitate the bubbles. Fry the dough, chill and dust with powdered sugar.



Try to make delicious Carnival sweets for your holiday with our Venetian frittelle recipe!

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