Giudecca is the biggest Venetian island and the nearest to the old town center. Its name, according to some, comes from the ancient presence of a Jewish community, witnessed by two synagogues that today are no more on the island, and by the discovery of a stone with Jewish enrollments near the Zitelle. According to some others, the name comes from the term “zudegà”, which means judged, following a verdict of 9th century to give lands to some families banned from Venice and afterwards summoned from their exile.
The southern side of the island was the green area of Giudecca, with vegetable gardens and gardens in which during summertime Venetian aristocracy lived. 

Church of the Redeemer (Santissimo Redentore)
Church of Zitelle (Santa Maria della Presentazione)
Saint Eufemia’s Church

Points of interest
Archivio Luigi Nono
Theatres and cinemas
Accademia Teatrale Veneta, Teatro Junghans Venezia (Giudecca)

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