San Marco is without any doubt the heart of Venice and Saint Marco’s Square is the undisputed center of the city, called “the best living room of the world”. It has always been the center of Venetian life, with its well-known coffee houses and the surreal atmosphere. An artistic complex of buildings, which, even if not stylistically similar, is by now considered a united urbanistic theme.

Saint Mark’s Basilica
Saint Moisé’ church
Church of Santa Maria del Giglio (Zobenigo)
Saint Stefano’s church (Protomartire)
San Vidal

Point of interest
Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa-Galleria di Piazza San Marco
Saint Mark’s Square

Saint Mark’s Campanile
National Archeological museum of Venice
Museum Civico Correr 
Doge’s Palace
Palazzo Grassi
Sale Monumentali della Biblioteca Marciana
Bell Tower

Theatres and cinemas
La Fenice theatre

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