The city of Venice is divided into six districts called sestrieri. Each sestriere has different progressive street numbers except for the biggest areas, which include separate islands.The six sestrieri of Venice are: San Marco, taking his name from San Marco's Church, Castello, one of the first Venetian area to be inhabited, its name from an ancient castle now disappeared, Cannaregio, from the morass where a grove of reeds used to grow, San Polo, the city centre and Santa Croce, the smallest district, Dorsoduro, from the thick sandy hills over which the district has raised and Giudecca, from the name of this separate island facing Zattere.

San Marco is without any doubt the heart of Venice and Saint Marco’s Square is the undisputed center of the city, called “the best living room of the world”. It has always been the center of Venetian life, with its well-known coffee houses and the surreal atmosphere.