The Feast of the Fish of Chioggia, born in 1938, is one of the event that people from Veneto await the most. The festival is dedicated to the flavours of the sea and the lagoon and to the discovery of the fishermen's traditions.For ten nights, in the splendid setting of the historic centre of Chioggia, you can taste the typical cusine in the gastronomic stands prepaired by local associations that will delight you with the most delicious recipes such as "saor", fried fish with cornmeal, bibarasse in cassopipa, stewed cuttelfishes and grilled fish.


For reservation, please contact the associations:

I FASOLARI, 328 1492039

UISP, 333 6160022

ASI CIAO, 338 9702184

IMPRONTA, 640 3992614

VONGOLARI, 320 9657126

SCIABICA, 335 5625349

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