Each year Venice beckons millions of tourists attracted by world-famous events. The most prominent among these is the Festa della Sensa (Feast of the Ascension). Tourists relive the age-old history of the Serenissima Republic and its intimate relationship with the Sea, and the customs and traditions of Venetian Rowing.
at 5.00pm
Venezia, Palazzo Ducale – Sala dello Scrutinio (admission at invitation)
Gemellaggio Adriatico 
Prize "Osella d'oro della Sensa 2018"

9.00am – Boats gather in the Basin of San Marco
9.30am – Departure of the water parade towards S. Nicolò del Lido
10.30am – Ceremony of the “Wedding with the Sea” in front of the Church of S. Nicolò del Lido
11.00am – Concert by Coro Serenissima in front of the curch San Nicolò del Lido
11.30am – Holy Mass at the church of S. Nicolò di Lido

Regattas of the Sensa

- Young rower's twin-oared pupparini regatta | Regatta organized by Associazione Agonistica di Voga Veneta

- Women’s twin-oared mascarete regatta

- 4 oars gondolas regatta
Regattas of the Rowing Season organized by the Municipality of Venice

Course of the regattas: Basin of San Marco - Riviera St. Nicolò, where to follow the prize-giving will take place


Saturday and Sunday May 12 – 13 at San Nicolò 
10am-6pm Sensa Traditional Market  
Crafts, bric-à-brac, literary and artistic works, books, non-profit associations and the unmissable Oil of the Olivicoltori Cooperative of Vetralla

10/11 minute-flight above Venice and the Lido with a helicopter service offered by Heliair helicopter service
departure from Nicelli airport with special prices for the Sensa festival
Bookings: prolocolidopellestrina@gmail.com

Sunday  May 13
9am - 3rd step “La Porta del mare” Sensa Nordic walking organised by Nordic Walking Venezia Serenissima and LILT
9am- 11am Heliair service from Nicelli airport
opportunity for all the guests interested in following the event and the procession from up in the skies  
Bookings: Mail prolocolidopellestrina@gmail.com

11am attendance to the Corte Dogale->the Doge’s Court, with 15 characters in costume, including 4 drums for the procession.
- after the Mass, there will be a small Procession from the Church of S. Nicolò to the Nicelli

- welcome activities (guests will have the opportunity to take a souvenir-photo)

- lunch time entertainment(usually, due to the presence of the “regal table of the Doge”, there are games which involve the public such as respecting the ceremonial rules, having the opportunity to meet and consult with the Doge himself and so on).

11am – 5pm Candia’s Company of Musketeers
Re-enactment of a historical scenario of the seventeenth century with actors offering typical representations of the above-indicated historical period to the public

1pm The Doge’s lunch
Fixed-price menu at the Restaurant Nicelli (60 people maximum)

Bookings: Mail prolocolidopellestrina@gmail.com

4pm Activities and games for children (6-10 years)
organised by the Animatori del Grest della Comunità Pastorale del Lido di Venezia->the Grest Entertainers of the Parish Community of the  Lido of Venice
Bookings can be made at the Proloco Gazebo from Saturday, May 12 or emailing prolocolidopellestrina@gmail.com


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