In the southern part of the city, from the Punta della Dogana until the square tower, on which some bronze statues support the golden façade, where the Fortuna lays, work by Bernardo Falcone.
Punta della Dogana overlooks Saint Mark’s Basin: the “Dogana da mar” of the Republic was built on 17th century and it’s made up of many warehouses behind its façade. From the Fortuna, the Zattere begins a long dock leading to Santa Marta. Built on 1516, it served to unload wood carried from Cadore through the inland waterway, arriving in Venice on big rafts (“zattere” in Italian”), from here comes its name. Along the Zattere, the old Hospital of the incurable ones, built by the Republic in 16th century to host chronically ill patients and in another hall orphans. After the Napoleonic decree in 1806 the hospital was assigned to a military use.


Angelo Raffaele
Basilic of Santa Maria della Salute
Saint Barnaba’s church
Church of San Nicolò dei Mendicoli
Church of San Trovaso (Gervasio e Protasio)
Church di Santa Maria del Rosario (Chiesa dei Gesuati)
Santa Maria del Carmelo

Point of interest
Squero di San Trovaso

Ca' Rezzonico Museo del '700 Veneziano 
Gallerie dell'Accademia
Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Punta della Dogana Fraçois Pinault Foundation
Spazio Vedova

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