Carnival is one of the oldest Venetian traditional celebrations, rooted in the history and the culture of the most unique city in the world.

Re-launched two decades ago, thanks to its mix of transgression, art, and fun, today the Carnival of Venice is considered by its inhabitants and by tourists a not-to-be-missed event.





Carnival take place in Venice during the twelve days before Ash Wednesday with many events all over the city: from makeshift street shows to performances put on by the organisers.
The Municipality choose every year a central theme taken from various cultural or show-biz themes.
Several events take place throughout the city, from Carnival parties and masked balls in private palaces to people in masks who happily invade streets and squares looking for fun...
It's possible to see every type of costume, from 18th century noblewomen to the most inventive and creative modern costumes!

The heart of Carnival is Saint Mark's Square, with its huge stage for concerts and shows, but also the city's other main squares act as perfect stages for masks who wish to become, at least for a few hours a year, the protagonists of another life.
The culminating moments of Venice Carnival include the flight of angel, which marks the beginning of Carnival celebrations, the water procession, with decorated boats and masked rowers, and the final grand ball on Shrove Tuesday in Saint Mark’s square, with the traditional fireworks show in front of the Doge's palace.


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